The Future

ITEE Digital Connected Economy —
a new Centre of Excellence in Estonia

The aim of the Centre is to support knowledge transfer between universities and the private sector and to accelerate research and development to create new technologies. The center is a joint venture between University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Edinburgh. ITEE activities focus on the following areas:

Real time DIGITAL economy illustration
Real time DIGITAL economy
Rapid analysis of the constant dataflow from the public sector and companies gives quick feedback to all the participants of the economy about the entrepreneurial environment in order to make well-informed decisions and understand the competitive environment better.
Smart LIVING Environments illustration
Smart LIVING Environments
Internet of Things that combines a lot of sensors and other smart devices turns mundane living environment into a smart one both at home and on the street, just as robotics comes to the assistance in production and offering services.
Personalised medicine and telemedicine bring IT-tools to health care for providing improved medical services to the people, like e-health systems help patients to manage their health-related data and organise the doctors’ work better.